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Bloom Retreat

Spring Retreat in Portugal

As the snow melts away and flowers begin to bloom, Spring awakens a vibrant, warm, and revitalizing energy within us. Nature sheds its winter coat, and we too feel the call to let go of the heaviness we may have carried during the colder months. Like blossoms unfurling, we invite you to open your heart, mind, and body to the warmth and renewed vitality of spring. What better way to do this than with a rejuvenating yoga trip in the beautiful warmth of Portugal? 

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to align yourself with the rising energy of Spring and cultivate personal growth, just as nature cultivates its own growth during this transformative season. Through invigorating yoga practices, uplifting movement meditations, inspiring workshops, nourishing massages, and intuitive journaling, we will awaken the dormant blooming energy within. Together, we will open up to the rising sun and revive our energy, carrying this renewed spirit with us long after the retreat ends.

Program Highlights:

🌼 Indoor & outdoor Yoga Flows

🌼 Movement Meditations

🌼 Intuitive Journaling & Mood-Boarding

🌼 Mindful Walks

🌼 Breathwork & Thematic Workshops

🌼 Nurturing Massage


Your hosts

Willemieke VerweijNick JacobsFanny AlavoineEsmee Regter


Our yoga sessions will guide you to stretch, strengthen, and revitalize your body, releasing any tension and stagnation that may have accumulated during the winter months. From heart-opening poses to gentle side stretches that mimic the growth of vegetation and the blooming of flowers, each practice will be infused with meaningful intention and guided by experienced teachers Willemieke and Fanny. Fanny’s unique use of visualization and imagination will enrich your practice, making it a holistic experience that connects mind, body, and soul. Willemieke’s love for creativity and self-expression will guide you on a search for authenticity, bringing clarity to your needs and desires.


Complimentary to the retreat is a nourishing massages by our skilled masseur, Nick. These rejuvenating treatments will melt away any remaining knots or stress, leaving you feeling lighter and more connected to your inner radiance. The massages will be accompanied by essential oils that capture the essence of blooming flowers, transporting you deeper into the awakening of the season. 


Throughout the retreat, we will also delve into workshops and mindful practices that cultivate a sense of renewal and balance in your daily life. Movement meditation sessions will offer space for your mind to quiet, allowing new ideas and intentions to blossom. Guided visualizations will connect you to the vibrant energy of spring and ignite your passions for new beginnings. Creative and intuitive workshops will help uncover your true state and needs, fostering inner clarity and connection to your current energy. Breathwork will remind you of the life force surging through your veins, invigorating every cell and awakening your senses to the beauty of spring. These practices will be complemented by journaling moments where you can reflect and set intentions.


And let’s not forget about the food! Throughout the retreat, you will be nourished with fresh, wholesome meals that celebrate the abundance of the season, designed and prepared by our passionate yogi-chef, Willemieke, who will take you on a flavorful journey throughout the retreat. Each bite will serve as a reminder of the energy of growth and renewal, providing nourishment to support your journey of open-hearted expansion. 


  • Surrounded by nature and overlooking the ocean

  • Our own pool & terraces

  • 30/40 minutes walk from beaches

  • 3 shared suites & 2 shared eco-villas

  • Each suite and eco-villa has its own bathroom

  • Cozy communal space with lounge area and kitchen

  • Beautiful terrace for outdoor practice

  • Yoga dome for indoor practice


Villa Epicurea, R. do Casalinho 5A2970-052 Fetais, Portugal(40km from Lisbon)


Shared room: €1050 Maximum 12 participants Payment in two instalments: 50% upon initial booking and 50% one month before retreat. 

What’s Included

  • 5 nights at Villa Epicurea, Portugal

  • 5 energizing yoga sessions

  • 5 restorative yoga sessions

  • themed workshops/activities

  • Relax or recovery massage

  • Healthy meals, snacks, and drinks throughout the day

Arrival at the Villa:Friday, April 12th, from 16 pm

Departure from the Villa:Wednesday, April 17th, at 11 am

Transportation from Airport to Villa

Guests are responsible for arranging their own transportation from the airport to the villa and from the villa to the airport. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes by car. Options include using Bolt/Uber, or renting a car. The bolt services are approximately 30 euro’s for a single ride, we recommend sharing with fellow retreat yogi’s and will make a whatsapp group to make it easy to communicate about this.


Example of a day at the retreat

7:30 – Healthy Breakfast available8:30-10:00 – Themed Yoga Practice13:00 – Healthy Brunch14:00-16:00 – Free Time (massage option)16:30-18:00 – Optional workshop time18:00-19:00 – Themed Yoga Practice19:30 – Healthy Dinner*A more detailed and finalised program will be provided at the start of the retreat.

Join us at the Bloom Spring Retreat and embrace this opportunity to bloom. Allow the warm embrace of Portugal and the awakening energy of Spring to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. We can’t wait to welcome you!


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