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Private Classes

Refine and elevate your yoga practice with tailor-made yoga classes

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Private classes are held in the center of Leiden (NL), either in my dedicated room near Herenstraat or at your own place.


Between 60 and 75 minutes.


  • Free Intake Call

  • 10 classes: €500 (€50 per class)

  • 5 classes: €300 (€60 per class)

  • 1 class: €80

Looking for private yoga classes? Book with me for tailored sessions to enhance your practice. Discover the benefits:

1. Body Knowledge and Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your body's posture and movement patterns. Learn adjustments for sustainable movements and injury prevention.

2. Breath Awareness and Improvement: Sync your breath to your movements and enhance breath capacity and efficiency for deeper practice and greater ease.


3. Effortless Flow: Refine subtle actions and alignments to transition seamlessly between poses, cultivating grace and harmony.

4. Stability and Confidence: Develop tools to cultivate strength, stability, and confidence in your practice. Understand energy locks (bandhas), strengthening your physical core and enhancing your mental stability.

5. Variety of Pose Families: Explore forward bends, backbends, hip opening poses, twists, arm balances, and inversions, expanding your repertoire.

6. Personalized Attention and Guidance: Ask questions and receive personalized attention for a fulfilling one-on-one journey.

Book your private classes now and elevate your yoga practice!


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