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One-on-one yoga

Tailor-made private yoga classes

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For who?

Anyone willing to start or deepen their yoga practice.


At your home (Leiden and surrounding areas) or at a studio in Leiden (at an extra cost for studio rent).


A session lasts between 60 and 75 minutes.


1 session: €60

3 sessions: €160

  • Receive complete personal guidance with time for questions and exploration

  • Build up or deepen your yoga foundations with alignments-based practices

  • Explore your postural pattern and movement signature

  • Tackle specific needs, restrictions or limitations you might have, and create more freedom in your movements and body

  • Build up not only flexibility and strength but also more body awareness


We start from where you are

You do not have to be strong, flexible, fit, or super healthy. Physical 'limitations' such as past injuries, chronic pain, or postural unbalances are not obstacles to the yoga practice, but rather an indication of what your yoga practice should entail. Together, we discover your needs and slowly build up your yoga practice at your own pace, learning to move in a safer and more sustainable way on the mat, and in life.


More than yoga asanas

At first, your approach may be mainly physical, but yoga is not limited to poses (asanas). Meditation and Pranayama (breathing exercises) are tools, among others, that can help you deepen your practice, just like yoga philosophy can. We will pick among these treasurable tools to enrich your practice.

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Ready to take a leap into your practice?

Happy yogis' words


Private student, 29yo

Practicing with Fanny feels like coming home to myself. Sharing her light and wisdom, Fanny creates a safe and brave space for me to explore my personal boundaries. She always knows exactly what I need, offering transformative and deeply nourishing practices that I carry with me both on and off the mat. Private classes with Fanny are a beautiful gift to yourself!


Private student, 45yo

I can now move without the urge to perform and without critical thoughts. I can give my body what it needs at the moment. Fanny is precise in her explanations, gives genuine and personal attention and takes as much time as necessary for me to find depth in the exercises.


Private student

6 out of 5 stars! Fanny is a truly gifted yoga instructor. Her warm and compassionate presence and her skill as a teacher have given me a new sense of attunement. I leave each session learning something new about my body, getting better with my poses, and feeling lighter and literally: more aligned. She has helped me in the practice of turning self judgement into genuine curiosity and open-heartedness -- both in my yoga practice and in life. I highly recommend anyone who is curious about private lessons to give it a try!

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