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About Fanny

"Yoga teaching embodies my passion for self-exploration, captivation with subtleties, and pursuit of profound depth."


Based in

Leiden, The Netherlands

Originally French

Teaches in the studios

Tribes, Leiden


Originally trained by Daphne Koken & Claudia Van der Tier, I am dedicated to expanding my expertise through ongoing online and live education, as well as intensive book study. I have recently embarked on the transformative journey of the Rolfing training program (structural integration).


My personal yoga journey began as a competitive athlete in Lead climbing. Initially, my focus was on physical strength and flexibility. However, yoga opened my eyes to a new understanding of my body and movement. It shifted my approach from performance-driven to one centered around freedom and connection, cultivating a sustainable and mindful practice.

With a thirst for knowledge, I am deeply curious about the underlying principles of yoga. I continually expand my expertise by exploring diverse perspectives and practicing with various teachers. My areas of study include therapeutic yoga, myofascial anatomy, philosophy, and other movement practices.

As a teacher, I have a genuine passion for sharing and explaining yoga. I recognize the profound impact my words can have on students, both physically and emotionally. That's why I am dedicated to delivering detailed and enthusiastic guidance, ensuring that my students fully immerse themselves in the practice and derive maximum benefit. Through intentional creativity in my flows, I aim to empower my students to explore their body's capabilities and embrace the transformative effects of yoga on all levels of their being.


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