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Introduction to Yoga Philosophy & Energetics Across History

In the realm of philosophy, curiosity trumps certainty, and conversations evolve into deeper understandings. True philosophy is ever-changing, adaptable, and organic, as beautifully stated by Douglas Keller: "If a philosophy's answers are regarded as final and definitive, then it is not truly a philosophy, but rather a dogma." Yoga philosophy embodies this essence, flourishing in its fluidity and influenced by time and place. It encompasses diverse perspectives and concepts, often intertwining and at times conflicting, yet always captivating.

During this four-evening course, we will embark on a journey back to the origins of yoga when the Vedas were written. We will explore the influential religious, spiritual, and philosophical movements and texts that have shaped the rich tapestry of yoga throughout history.

This course invites you to transcend preconceived notions of what yoga philosophy should be. It aims to broaden your perspective, inspire your yoga practice, and ignite a curiosity that will propel you to deepen your exploration of this captivating subject.

What can you expect?

🪜  A step-by-step exploration of the course content

💹 Clear visuals and schemes to enhance conceptual clarity

❓ Time for reflection, questions, and engaging conversations

📚 A well-designed 100-page booklet that summarizes the course content

Who is this course for?

🐵 Curious and open-minded individuals seeking a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy

Info to come

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