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Teacher Training

300hrs Modern Vinyasa Teacher Training

Welcome to the Tribes 300hr Modern Vinyasa Teacher Training! This training is designed to take your teaching to new heights, deepening your understanding of sequencing, anatomy, alignments, core integration, and most importantly, helping you explore and embrace your unique identity as a teacher.

Modules & Content

Deepening the practice of Modern Vinyasa

Module 1: Sequencing 1: Understanding Alignment (With Fanny) 1-3 March Module 2: Sequencing 2: Structuring The Flow (With Fanny) 5-7 April Module 3: Sequencing 3: Teaching Gentle Vinyasa (With Fanny) 3-4 May

Tribes Teacher Training

Toward deeper integration and control

Module 4: Core Integration 1: Restore Your Core (With Willemieke) 7-9 June Module 5: Core Integration 2: Discover Deep Core (With Willemieke) 5-7 July

Tribes Teacher Training

Coupled in a 7-day Retreat: Cultivating Presence & Authenticity
30 Aug - 6 Sept

Module 6: Somatic & Intuitive Movement (With Willemieke) Module 7: Yoga Energetics & Nature (With Fanny) Module 8: Yoga Therapeutics: Thai Yoga Release Techniques (With Willemieke)

Offering support and deep-release

Module 9: The Art of Hands-On-Assist (With Fanny & Willemieke) 4-6 October Module 10: Mobility Training: Enhance Fluidity (With Willemieke) 1-3 November

Module 11: The Transformative Journey of the Breath (With Willemieke) 6-8 December

For who?

Yogis and teachers who already completed a 200-hour teacher training are welcome to register for our training. Other movements practice teachers (pilates, dance, barre, etc.) & dedicated yoga practitioners eager to level up their practice are welcome to join too, yet if your goal is to receive the 300hrs official Yoga Alliance diploma, you must have completed 200hrs first. 

Full Training: € 4000,-
Early bird: € 3500,- (Before Nov. 1st 2023)
Separate module: € 375

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