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Bloom Retreat

Autumn: Unwind & Integrate


Green turns orange, and leaves start falling: the trees’ energy shifts as summer fades and winter rises. Indeed, Fall is a moment of transition: we harvest the fruits of summer and prepare for winter hibernation. Like Nature, we are called to slow down, keeping enough of the summer’s fire to warm ourselves up in the coming cold months. We unwind from the high summer energy and integrate it, nourishing our cells and inner self.

The yoga classes, workshops, and massages we offer during the retreat honour this transitional energy of Autumn: a shift from outward to inward, a momentum from lighter to darker, and a passage from warmer to colder. We look back to how the past months have been; we harvest what will nurture our soul; we set our energy and intention for what will come next.

During the retreat there will be yoga, meditation & breathwork in the mornings and in the evenings (yang & yin). In the late afternoon there will be the possibility to join workshops to dive deeper into our theme. During your downtime you can prepare for nature walks, reading and long baths to restore the body.

The food that is offered will be vegetarian and vegan based, and will be support the intention of the week. In this case root vegetables, stews, soups with an abundance of warming spices. Foods that feel like a warm hug.

Autumn Attunement

In the Ayurveda the Autumn season represents Vata. Vata represents air and ether. It is dry and fragile. The energy of Autumn is that of letting go and tuning inward. To counter the Vata, allow yourself grounding and warming practices, foods and energies. Allow yourself to move more toward a contemplative state and remember, just because we slow down it does not imply that nothing is happening. Allow yourself a bit of ease and space in the transition.

The aim for the whole week is to use the castle and the woods around it as to recharge. All lessons and workshops are optional, nothing is mandatory.

In short the amount includes the following:

  • 3 nights in the castle

  • 3 energising yoga sessions

  • 3 restorative yoga sessions

  • workshops fitting our theme

  • relax or recovery massage

  • healthy meals and snacks


Willemieke Verweij

Fanny Alavoine

Nick Jacobs


The castle is divided into beautiful big suites. Each suite has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area and a kitchen and will be shared by 4 people max. Each bedroom has two single beds.For this retreat we have a maximum of 2 solo rooms available.

What a day at the retreat looks like

8:00 Small breakfast / healthy juice

8:30 Morning Vinyasa Practice with Meditation

10:30 Brunch

12:00 – 16:00 Free time

16:00 Workshop time

18:00 Evening Practice

19:30 Dinner

€ 550 student price
€ 600 regular price
€ 750 solo room
You will pay 50% upfront when booking your spot.

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