Outdoor Yoga Leiden

Fanny Alavoine

Vinyasa Yoga teacher

In Leiden & surrounding areas, South Holland

Hi there!

My name is Fanny. I share my passion for Vinyasa Yoga through strong and gentle classes in several studios in Leiden and surrounding areas. On the side, I am a rock climber, art lover, a Frenchie, and cat lady.


Former student at Banyan

Thank you from my heart. I believe that you're a beautiful and pure soul. I enjoyed so much all of your lessons because I felt free, I didn't criticize myself even when struggling.


Private student

I can now move without the urge to perform and without critical thoughts. I can give my body what it needs at the moment. Fanny is precise in her explanations, gives genuine and personal attention and takes as much time as necessary for me to find depth in the exercises.


Student at Tribes

Fanny is very caring and makes personal and targeted adjustments to everyone.  Her flows can vary from very challenging (you will sweat for sure) to very gentle. Her classes are always extremely well prepared. Can’t wait to practice more with her.

Group classes

In the yoga studios Tribes

and Om in Leiden.

Private classes

Tailor-made classes and personal

guidance in Leiden and surrounding areas.