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Yoga in Leiden | Fanny Alavoine

Modern Vinyasa Yoga with Fanny

Intelligent Sequencing   |   Energetic Alignments   |   Intentional creativity


Strengthen your connection with your body through mindful movements and postural exploration. Become aware of your body's inner sensations with subtle yet impactful adjustments as well as with breath and meditation techniques. Become more attuned: feel, experience, and trust what your body tells you. Build self-awareness and open pathways to the deeper layers of your being.

Take a leap into your practice
One-on-one yoga
  • Receive complete personal guidance with time for questions and exploration

  • Build up or deepen your yoga foundations with alignments-based practices

  • Explore your postural pattern and movement signature

  • Tackle specific needs, restrictions, or limitations you might have and create more freedom in your body and movements

  • Build up not only flexibility and strength, but also more body awareness

One-on-One Privatr Yoga in Leiden | Fanny Alavoine
Yoga in Leiden | Fanny Alavoine
Explore & experience a variety of flows
Group classes

Join my classes in three studios in the heart of Leiden. From restorative to strong flow, I build all of my sequences logically. I prioritize anatomical alignments to ensure that the practice is safe for the body. In addition to providing in-depth instructions, I center each class around a particular theme or intention to offer you a diverse range of experiences.

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The pillars of Fanny’s teaching

Intelligent sequencing

A vinyasa sequence honors the principles of vinyasa, which are all about how natural cycles unfold: logically and seamlessly. In my classes, we flow slowly from one phase to another, ensuring continuity within and between these phases. The steps feel logical, the poses and explored techniques relate to each other, and the body is safely preparing anatomically and energetically for more advanced poses.

Energetic alignments
& anatomy

I teach asanas with an understanding of both Prana's energetic lines and functional anatomy of movements. Through accurate hands-on assists and detailed guidance, my goal is for you to truly feel and sense within your body the necessary engagements and releases that help you experience the pose’s effects.

Intentional creativity
& embodiment

Beyond flexibility and strength, Yoga is about self-exploration. Thus, the so-called creative layers of my teachings aim to bridge our physical existence with the emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Through movements, we explore philosophical and abstract concepts: how do we relate to them with not only our mind, but within our body itself? How do they feel? How do we sense them in our body and its layers?

Explore targeted topics
Workshops & more

Join asana clinics, foundation courses, masterclasses, and much more. Together we will go beyond regular practices by delving into intricate details, enabling you to use these workshops as stepping stones in comprehending and embodying the poses or concepts we intend to explore.

Yoga in Leiden | Courses & Workshops |Fanny Alavoine
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Leiden | Tribes | Fanny Alavoine
Start your journey as a teacher
200hrs Teacher Training

Are you looking for more depth in your yoga practice? Do you want to know the 'why' behind the cues of your teachers? Are you ready to dive into anatomy, alignments, and techniques? Do you want to become more confident about what you do with your body on the mat? Take a leap in your yogic journey and build solid foundations as a teacher: join our fresh and new 200hrs Modern Vinyasa Teacher Training, made by Tribes.

Happy yogis' words


Private student, 29yo

Practicing with Fanny feels like coming home to myself. Sharing her light and wisdom, Fanny creates a safe and brave space for me to explore my personal boundaries. She always knows exactly what I need, offering transformative and deeply nourishing practices that I carry with me both on and off the mat. Private classes with Fanny are a beautiful gift to yourself!



Group Class Participant

During my yoga practice, I’ve never learned as much as during my classes and workshops with Fanny. She’s an authentic teacher who’s very kind and sincere. What’s special is that she creates a light atmosphere in class in which everyone is welcome to explore their own boundaries on the mat that day. Making mistakes or falling is taken lightly and with a smile, which helps me to just try and have fun, while at the same time experiencing how I feel and what I need.  Furthermore, she creates nice sequences which have a logical build-up to harder poses. Her incredible knowledge of tiny details of the asanas provides a deepening of my practice. I’m super happy with her teaching, and I hope to continue for a long time :).



Private student, 45yo

I can now move without the urge to perform and without critical thoughts. I can give my body what it needs at the moment. Fanny is precise in her explanations, gives genuine and personal attention and takes as much time as necessary for me to find depth in the exercises.

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